Prom 2009

At, we are PROM CRAZY! It's the most wonderful night of your life and you want it to be just right. Don't worry! Here are all the dos and don'ts that will make your prom one to remember. Let's learn the basics and party like it's 2009!

Eighteen, June 2009


Corsages - You gave him hints and suggestions and told him the color of your dress. But he's a guy, so you should have picked it out yourself, paid for it, and written down the directions to the florist. How to judge what he did, and how to reward him:

Hand Job Blow Job Homerun Leave with Someone Else
They look like flowers. Are they real? Bargain bin at Walmart. A rose. A rose. He meant well. Roses! And they match your dress! He made it out of his front lawn!
Yo Tommy, someone took a dump on your dandelions. Oh, sorry, that's your date? She's hot.

Transportation - He's the man. He should know cars. Let's see if he can figure this out on his own.

Hand Job Blow Job Homerun Leave with Someone Else
It looked good at first, but he chipped in with all the guys in his remedial reading class. All 27 of them. It's his Uncle's and it reeks from vomit, but your stylin' The Silver Cloud. And enough head room to lift your ankles all the way up! It's his Mom's Volare station wagon!
Ha, Ha, Ha
Hey, look at the shoulders on that waiter over there. I bet he could lift that crap car over his head. Even with the loser's fat ass mom in the driver's seat.

Your Date - Whether you've been going steady since 8th grade, your Mom's set you up, or you just emerged from the secret dungeon in his basement, your choice of date is critical to prom success.

Hand Job Blow Job Homerun Leave with Someone Else
Two words: restraining order He's standing upright, not wearing pink or lavender and has managed to button his pants. But if you blow this guy we have to cancel your subscription. He's handsome, dumb as a post, and said he loved you. We're sure it'll last forever! Not only should you leave with someone else, you should go with someone else. This may not even get you in the door.

Checklist for Him

Checklist for Her

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